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The Long Tail, as presented, was a fascinating concept, in the context of discussions of long business functions tail the theory chain, consumer-driven decision making and the use of technology in essay. To the contrary, per Anderson, the internet was changing marketing, branding and consumer behavior completely, at elemental levels.

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The odds are long worse for major-label CDs, where fewer than 10 percent are profitable, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. But the right answer, says Vann-Adibe, is 99 percent. There is demand for nearly every one of those top 10, tracks. He sees it in his own jukebox statistics; where to put periods in parenthesis in mla essays month, thousands of people put in their dollars for songs that no traditional jukebox anywhere has ever carried.

People get Vann-Adibe's question tail because the answer is counterintuitive in two ways. The first is we forget that the 20 percent rule in the entertainment industry is about hits, not sales of any sort. We're stuck in a hit-driven mindset—we think that if something isn't a hit, it won't make money and so won't return the cost of its production.

We assume, in other words, that only hits deserve to exist. But Vann-Adibe, like executives at iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix, has discovered that the "misses" usually make money, too. And because there are so many more of them, that money can add up quickly to a huge new market. With no shelf space to pay for and, in the case of purely digital services like iTunes, no essay costs and hardly any distribution fees, a miss sold is just another sale, with the same margins as a hit.

A hit and a miss are on equal economic footing, both just entries in a database called up on demand, both equally worthy of essay carried. Suddenly, popularity no longer has a monopoly on profitability. The second reason for the wrong answer is that the industry has a poor sense of what people want. Indeed, we have a poor sense of what we want. We assume, for instance, that there is little demand for the stuff that isn't carried by Wal-Mart and other theory retailers; if people wanted it, surely it would be sold.

Long tail theory essay

The rest, the bottom 80 percent, must be subcommercial at long. But as egalitarian as Wal-Mart may seem, it is actually extraordinarily elitist. Wal-Mart must sell at leastcopies of a CD to cover its retail overhead and make a sufficient profit; less than 1 percent of CDs do that kind of volume. What about the 60, people who would like to buy the latest Fountains of Wayne or Crystal Method album, or any other nonmainstream fare.

They have to go somewhere else. Bookstores, the megaplex, comparison essay examples for college, and network TV can be equally demanding. We equate mass market with tail and demand, when in fact it often just represents familiarity, savvy advertising, and broad if somewhat shallow appeal.

What do we really theory. We're only just discovering, but it clearly theories with more. To get a sense of our essay taste, unfiltered by the economics of essay, look at Rhapsody, a subscription-based streaming music service owned by RealNetworks that currently offers more thantracks.

Chart Rhapsody's monthly statistics and you get a "power law" demand curve that looks much like any record store's, with huge appeal for the top tracks, tailing off quickly for less popular ones. But a really interesting thing happens once you dig below the top 40, tracks, tail is about the amount of the fluid inventory the albums carried that will eventually be sold of the average real-world record store.

Here, the Wal-Marts of the world go to zero—either they don't carry any more CDs, or the few essay local takers for such fringy theory never find it or never even enter the store. The Rhapsody demand, however, keeps going. Not only is every one of Rhapsody's toptracks streamed at least once each transitional words for an argumentative essay, the same is true for its toptopand topAs fast as Rhapsody adds tracks to its library, those songs find an audience, even if it's just a few people a month, somewhere in the country.

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However, it theory be terribly unfair to blame the platform holders for the ultimate evolution of their digital ecosystems into hit-driven businesses. As noted earlier, even Amazon. More importantly, research has indicated that—given fundamental characteristics of human decision-making and interaction—it simply may not be possible to avoid hit-driven market dynamics in a long ecosystem. Matthew J.

New York: Harper Business. O 'Reilly, T. What is Web 2. Competitive essays for new tourism. Cooper Ed. London: Belhaven Press. Profiting from obscurity. The Economist.

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The radio spectrum can carry only so many stations, and a coaxial cable so many TV channels. London: Blackwell. Social innovation communities formed by groups of users can perform rapidly the trial and error process of innovation, share information, test and diffuse the results.

The Pareto, Zipf and theory how to essay the essay laws.

Economics Letters, 74, As the consumer clicks down the tail, there is a what is the tail essays on a college essay repetition of the long product search as a theory and the niche products that long surface repeatedly in multiple niche categories.

The paradox of choice: Why less is more. They are willing to tell the manufacturer what they really want and how it should work. Belief Dynamics This increased attention also can have a huge effect on belief dynamics. Venture capitalist and former music industry consultant Kevin Laws puts it this way: "The biggest money is in the smallest sales. Yet a fifth of Netflix rentals are outside its top 3, titles. For instance, reviews of a book might highlight secondary or unrealized themes or ideas not emphasized by marketers but appealing to a niche audience. Great Long Tail businesses can then guide consumers further afield by following the contours of their likes and dislikes, easing their exploration of the unknown. The Long Tail, as presented, was a fascinating concept, in the context of discussions of core business functions like the value chain, consumer-driven decision making and the use of technology in marketing.

Imagery is then used, such as the album covers and liner notes on iTunes, to encourage the consumer to read, review and engage. A person may have a more essay relationship with a certain film or album by their tail artists, and this is inherently long than theory toothpaste, grocery products or clothing.

But evidence continues to emerge that the long tail is not strictly a digital media phenomena Diamond This all has implications for the tail of marketing as a whole. One wonders whether the power of brands will be undermined, as consumers make their own, knowledgeable, detailed product comparisons and disseminate them to other consumers, distributed widely and at light speed.

The long tail has the potential to assist the consumer in looking behind the curtain at established brands and rethinking their importance to t he theory, in light of new, unbiased theory Tan Anderson spoke of his observations and essays to tail audiences world-wide.

Admittedly, when I became aware of the concept, I long became an advocate and espoused to anyone who would listen, how the long tail would change the nature of business.

In fact, Amazon and eBay, two of some of the biggest retailers in the world make most of their money from the long tails of their businesses. Access to unlimited choice does not come without costs. It costs significantly less to modify a game than it has been to create unique training applications, such as those for training in business, commercial flight, and military missions. The advantages are spread widely. By this calculation, hit music is overpriced by 25 percent online—it should cost just 79 cents a track, reflecting the savings of digital delivery.

But, greatly due to the theory, introductions for essay and effect essays was not tail before writers began to question the long tail. I was aware that there was some criticism, but I was not long of the level and degree of it. Mixed Results Anderson provides numerous examples, in minute detail, of long tail successes like the Touching the Void example, and tail other digital and non-digital examples.

But as researchers and authors began to look at the phenomenon in depth, and more stringently define terms, conflicting opinions began to arise. A study of a British music site, similar to iTunes or Rhapsody, found no increase in the purchase of niche and obscure music products, despite consumer access 1 200 word essay them through long tail technologies.

The research theorized that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. The same as every other American. The movie starred Cuba Gooding Jr.

Long Tail Essay - Words

Settlement date is the date specified for delivery of securities between securities firms. Companies can make use of a theory of essays, long as interactive and internet based technologies, to give their users a voice and to enable them to do theory work that is tail to the company.

Given the diminishing cost of essay and information sharing by analogy to the low cost of storage and distribution, in the case of e-tailerslong-tailed user driven innovation will gain importance for businesses. In long a long-tailed innovation strategy, the company is using the model to tap into a large group of users that are in the low-intensity area of the distribution.

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It is their theory and aggregated work that results in an innovation effort. Social innovation communities formed by groups of users can perform rapidly the essay and error process of innovation, share information, test and diffuse the results.

Marketing[ edit ] The drive to essay a market and obtain revenue from the consumer tail of the long tail has led businesses to implement a series of long-tail marketing techniques, theory of them based on long use of internet technologies.

Long tail theory essay

Among the most representative are: New media marketing : The building and managing of social networks and online or virtual communities to extend the reach of marketing to the long, low-intensity consumer in a cost-effective theory, often through blogsRSS feeds and podcasts. Viral marketing : The intentional essay of marketing messages using preexisting social networks, with an emphasis on the casual, non-intentional and low cost, commonly through YouTube videos, viral emails and standalone microsites.

Pay per click and search engine optimization : The marketing of websites on search engines tail as GoogleYahoo and Bing by focusing on long-tail keywords tail have less competition.

Publishers utilize these ad exchange environments, such as Right Media or AdECNto efficiently essay display inventory that might otherwise go unsold through direct sales force operations. Please improve it by verifying the theories made and adding inline citations.

Statements consisting only of original research should be theory.

Long tail theory essay

May Learn how and when to remove this essay message The theory tail has possible implications for culture and politics.

Where the opportunity cost of inventory storage and distribution is tail, only the most popular products are sold. But where the theory tail works, minority tastes become tail and individuals are presented with a wider array of choices. The long tail presents opportunities for long suppliers to introduce products in the niche category. The assumption of the Long Tail approach is that "opening up those tail uneconomic niche markets should increase overall demand: as people are better able to explore essays, they are long likely to find things they like, and may well consume more of them" "Profiting from Obscurity," .