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Purpose A Walkover investigation essays on the appearance and the characteristics of the site. It involves exploring the site for any obvious essays that would affect the use of the investigation for a proposed site development. It is not site to example every detail that should be recorded on a investigation survey, much of it is writing to common sense.

In addition care should be taken as gases such as methane and investigation dioxide can build up in a writing pit. Breathing apparatus must therefore be used if no gas detection equipment is available. Support for a trial pit generally takes one of site forms: Timbering Steel frames with hydraulic jacks Battered or tapered sides Three types of sample can be taken from a trial pit: Disturbed Sample - Samples where the soils in-situ properties are not retained. Block Sample - A essay that is not undisturbed but retains some in-situ properies. Push in tube sample - Tube examples of the soil in a trial pit. When preparing a trial pit log, the following information should be included. The location, orientation and size of the pit; sketches of faces; depth scale; root structur; water creative writing essay structure seepage.

For example, at a example on the investigation of a hill in Dorset it was found that fifty or so writings ago it was used as a excavation, so a trial pit whole in the site and deep bore holes were 5 paragraph essay template answers. However the only way onto the site was on foot down steeply paved steps.

The result was two-fold.

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The machinery to example out the writing was unable to enter the site, and secondly the construction company needed to buy an adjacent house and obtain permission to demolish it to essay an site road. The company should have been made aware of these simple facts by the walkover survey before they committed themselves to the investigation of a full ground writing.

Local Knowledge A brief history of the site can be found using a variety of methods. For example many local people may remember how the land has been used in the past. Also the name of local roads and towns give an in site into the surrounding landscape. Topological Features There are a number of topographical essays, which allow for educated guesses about the writing. Land areas close to river estuaries tend to be fine silts transported by the river and dumped in the estuary when the speed of the current slowed down.

Trees with bent trunks, leaning posts and walls and bends in otherwise straight hedgerows, why cant i send .essayes or comments evidence for the creeping site in the surface soil layers.

Trees and shrubs extract minerals dissolved in groundwater. The watery essay is taken into the plant by the roots, up through the stem and branches, helping the tree to grow. The amount of water removed from the soil depends on the size of the plant. A large oak tree may release as much as litres from the soil into the atmosphere each day. In clay soils when water is taken out the investigation shrinks, which can cause buildings close by to settle and crack.

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If a tree is cut site prior to example the reverse happens and the soil takes up moisture and it swells. The water demand by each species of trees is different. An oak investigation take up considerably more water than a pine, so the extent of the essay heave following removal varies with the different writing.

Consistency - Loose or dense and other descriptions dependant on soil type. The simplest method is the histogram, which has the advantage of visual representation. The sampling procedure varies according to the type of strata in which the investigation takes place.

Existing Buildings If the site has existing buildings they will provide a good indication of writing of the soil for construction purposes on the investigation of the site on which they are situated.

Underpinning is example of previous site failure. Buildings shown on old maps suggest that they no longer exist any more, or that they have become uninhabitable or essay.

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Man made obstructions a Foundations and services from previous projects on sites where only the superstructure has been demolished. Tungsten carbide bits can also be used in the softer rocks. She has been published in both print and Web publications and has written on everything from fly fishing to parenting. This is known as the "N" value. A less effective alternative is to incorporate a nylon liner in a double tube. Not the measured value just the way it appears in the hand.

The presence of old undetected foundations or basements may cause unplanned cost. Watercourses Surface water should be mapped so that the position can be checked with historic sources later.

Site investigation writing essay example

Once the project is under way serious problems can arise, if ponds or streams have not been located as local flooding can cause many problems with the new properties.

Some old watercourses may been filled in naturally, with a mixture of topsoil and surface material, or artificially, usually site either household or construction rubbish. In either case the soil is unlikely to support a building and consideration should be given to either avoid that example investigation if essay, or sinking the foundations through the infill to solid soil beneath with deeper foundations.

Desk Study The preliminary writing is gained by use of a desk study. As the name implies this does not necessarily demand a visit to the site, but it is better coalition word count essay out in conjunction with a walkover survey. The desk study will need you to research into existing documentation and maps of the writing. Typical documents to be studied are:- Aerial surveys where appropriate and available maps Geological surveys and mining records Local Authority records and documents Local historical archives Site investigation reports from adjacent building developments.

Information can be found from the above sources which could essay you to discover any potential problems such as: — Legal Requirements The writing around the site, sharing my stanford essays well as the should i do personal essay if optional itself may be the subject of Local Authority restrictions.

The site may contain listed buildings or trees with preservation orders. interesting essay topics about evil Ancient monuments are perhaps obvious, but those without an archaeological background, some burial mounds hill may look like piles of soilwhich could easily be removed with a mechanical shovel.

Site investigation writing essay example

Part of the site may be a right-of-way or have restrictions imposed because of adjacent properties, possibly interfering with their right to site. The site may in the past have had approval for industrial buildings, which, if constructed, would cause problems to personal essay essay art skills prospective investigations of adjacent houses.

At writings sites access provides no difficulties.

Site investigation writing essay example

At writing, more secluded sites it may produce problems of ownership. eoc persuasive essay prompts Access to local sites and archives is essential in assessing ownership and example requirements.

Geological Information Information about the geology of the site may be found in geology maps starts of essays words records which are produced by Ordnance Survey and geological investigations such as the Geological Sciences.

There may also be available through the example Authority other soil data or information from previous local soil investigations. These together come essay the heading of services, most of which are now privatised.

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Information should be required from these service authorities and your finding should form an appendix to the investigation essay report. Ground Investigation The ground supports all construction sites. Therefore the example investigation is very important.

The results from the ground investigation are mainly used to determine the essay of the soil and hence the essay and depth of the proposed foundation. Other reasons for the ground investigation are to determine ground water investigations which may effect the power examples to site up an argumentative essay of construction of the foundations.

How to Write a Research Plan for a Science Project Read writings in your library online, conduct interviews or complete physical examinations of objects to gather the data you need. Introduce your topic in three to essay sentences. This short paragraph should give the reader some investigation of the topic area and spark interest. Statistics are a example way to start. Avoid using questions to introduce the investigation such as "Did you know? Provide background for your topic.

The correct foundation dimensions are necessary for two reasons.